3 reasons why it pays to be persistent when prospecting | REM | Real Estate Magazine

3 reasons why it pays to be persistent when prospecting | REM | Real Estate Magazine

Persistence is the powerful driving force behind accomplishing what you want. The question is, how badly do you want it? Do you love your business or career enough to keep at it when people avoid you, question you, test you or give you the run around? Whether your business experience is new or old, experienced or inexperienced, being crystal clear about where you are going is key prior to picking up the phone and prospecting.

Here are the top three reasons why it pays to be persistent.

1. Most people quit after hearing a single “no”.

While hearing a “no” prior to completing your sentence can feel daunting, is this a reason to quit? Decision makers respond the way they do because they know nothing about you, they have their own priorities or they are not face to face with you. Be different and move on to the next call. Initial cold calls are scary for most people. But over time, conversations warm up.

2. Decision-makers change.

If you work in commercial real estate, those same decision-makers who rejected you six or 12 months ago might turn around and say “yes” down the road when you touch base. If that’s not the case, guess what? Decision-makers also change. And those folks are often very open to meeting new prospects. Why? Because they are learning their role and want to know what is going on out there. New CFOs, CEOs and VPs are the absolute best people to deal with when it comes to prospecting.

3. Consistent effort produces results.

When you are consistent with your daily prospecting efforts by taking diligent notes, following up and sending emails and newsletters, the odds of getting in the door increase. Create a weekly schedule designated to various prospecting efforts, including cold calling. Do not avoid picking up the phone because of a few nasty people out there. Turn it into a game for yourself and learn about all the characters you will meet. You are in control.

Prospecting does not have to be a dreaded, awful word. When looking at it in the long term, it will help you in the short term. The same people that rejected you might very well turn around and thank you for your persistence down the road. Credibility is something that is built over the long haul. Quit too soon and you will never find this out.

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