40 Best Real Estate Software & Tools for Top Agents in 2019

40 Best Real Estate Software & Tools for Top Agents in 2019

Real estate software provides agents everything from lead generation tools to video editing, expense tracking, and open house management software. The right real estate tools can help you streamline listings and closings by optimizing marketing campaigns and simplifying transaction management. To help you choose, we identified the 40 best real estate software on the market.

Here are our picks for the best real estate software of 2019:

1. Zillow Premier Agent (Lead Generation Software)

Screenshot of Zillow Premier Agent Feature

Zillow Premier Agent is incredibly robust real estate agent software that harnesses the power of Zillow’s more than 160 million monthly visitors. As part of Zillow’s unpaid services, you can submit new listings on the platform and “claim” listings that were uploaded to Zillow from your MLS. This places your contact information in the upper-right corner of the listings page along with as many as three other buyer’s agents who will also appear on the list.

However, as a Zillow Premier Agent, your name will appear exclusively on your listings. When a buyer encounters your listing from Zillow or Trulia, you have a much greater chance of receiving their inquiry and earning the full commission. For an additional cost, Zillow Premier Agents can also advertise on the listings of other agents, choose which ZIP codes you want to advertise in, and set your own budget.

Visit our Zillow Premier Agent reviews page for information on what users think about the platform.

2. RealScout (Lead Nurturing Real Estate Tool)

Screenshot of RealScout Dashboard

RealScout is a lead nurturing tool that scours your MLS for new listings that match the criteria your leads select and automatically sends them the listings in an email. The platform sorts properties by 400 criteria, including waterfront location, high ceilings, and number of bedrooms. Best of all, emails look like they came directly from you. If you have a busy schedule and a lot of leads to nurture, RealScout can help you grow business by increasing the number and velocity of offers.

RealScout’s product for individual agents and teams costs $39 per agent, per month and includes a branded home search portal with accurate MLS data, unlimited clients, team functionality with lead sharing, and other lead generation tools. The broker package costs $499 per month and features a broker dashboard, agent management and user analytics, and lead distribution tools.

Mike McElroy - real estate software“My favorite new piece of tech is RealScout. It fills that gap between the clunky interface of the early 2000s-looking MLS and what today’s consumer expects. RealScout allows you to have a conversation about properties with clients and answer questions—and it even alerts you when clients click a button to put an offer in. It’s also got really robust search capabilities—you don’t have to just rely on ZIP codes and the specifics of the property—and it can sync your leads from online search portals like Zillow and create a profile for them.”

– Mike McElroy, Managing Broker, Center Coast Realty

3. Showing Suite (Showing Real Estate Software)

Screenshot of Showing Suite App and Dashboard

When scheduling an open house, many agents struggle to organize contact information, lockbox codes, and notes. Showing Suite integrates and automates showing schedules, buyer agent feedback, and notes, pictures, and videos for each listing. The platform starts at just $2.95 per month and syncs with Supra eKEY or Sentrilock lockbox software. Plus, having all of the listing information in one place saves time, energy, and frustration when preparing reports for sellers.

Check out our Showing Suite reviews page for information on pricing and to find out what users think about the software.

4. Cloud CMA (Comparative Market Analysis Generation)

Screenshot of Cloud CMA Market Analysis

Cloud CMA is real estate software that produces slick, professional-looking comparative market analyses (CMAs) you’ll be proud to send to your clients. The platform costs $45 per month for the Cloud CMA tool or $125 for the Cloud Agent Suite, which includes advanced features like client listing alerts and lead engagement tools. Best of all, you can brand your CMAs with your headshot and logo for a personalized touch.

For more information, check out our Cloud CMA user reviews page, which provides details about what the software does well and how it can help your agency.

5. Real Geeks (Customer Relationship Management)

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools make it easier to track and organize leads and existing clients so you can optimize every email and follow-up call. Select a CRM that creates effective engagement with clients, helps you visualize their journey through the sales process, and notifies you to consistently follow-up on each step of the way.

Real Geeks charges $199 per month plus $500 for onboarding for one to two agents; additional agents are $25 each. Real Geeks also charges $550 per month to manage pay-per-click (PPC) accounts, rather than a percentage of ad spend, and $50 per month to generate seller leads, making it best for agencies with large advertising budgets. Click here to learn more.

6. Structurely (AI-based Lead Qualification)

Screenshot of Structurely Website

Structurely is real estate software that uses artificial intelligence to qualify leads with a proprietary chatbot named Aisa Holmes. When a lead contacts you through a website, live chat, or Facebook, Aisa messages the lead within a minute. Aisa then asks qualifying questions and, when appropriate, offers to schedule an appointment with an agent. Structurely also has a mobile app so agents can stay on top of lead generation when they’re out of the office.

Agents who prefer a hands-on approach can pause Aisa and take over the conversation at any time or allow the chatbot to complete the qualification and set up a meeting. The software is available as part of three packages ranging in cost from $179 to $499 per month. Custom packages are also available for large agencies or other teams that need services for 225 or more leads each month.

7. RPR Mobile (Property Reports)

RPR Mobile Report

RPR Mobile offers mobile access to the Realtors Property Resource property database through the National Association of Realtors. The platform provides agents with school attendance zones, flood maps, demographics, and other data. This makes it the fastest and easiest way to look up property and neighborhood information and send branded property reports to buyers or sellers on the go. Best of all, RPR lets you create “mini reports” to send to new leads.

8. Showcase IDX (IDX Search Plugin for WordPress)

Screenshot of Showcase IDX Dashboard

Showcase IDX is one of the few IDX plugins that manages to not only make IDX listings and search easy to integrate into your website, but it looks good doing it. Instead of learning code or handing over your site to a freelance programmer, you can drop Showcase IDX listings right into your site using customizable drop-in widgets.

They also offer all the latest IDX toys, like Google Maps view, polygon map search, adjustable lead capture options, and listing saving capability. Agents and brokers can purchase the Essentials package for $59.95 per month or the more advanced Premium package for $99.95 per month. To learn more about what users think about the software, check out our Showcase IDX reviews page.

9. Zumper (Rental Listing Tool)

Screenshot of Zumper Dashboard

Zumper is a free tool for rental agents that presents your listings on an attractive, easy-to-search site. Not only does Zumper combine all the great features of PadMapper, Trulia, and half a dozen other rental apps into one, it runs Experian credit reports and rental applications for your prospective tenants. In fact, it makes the rental process so easy, you might feel guilty collecting a broker fee. Check out our Zumper reviews page for more details.

10. Placester (IDX Website Builder)

Screenshot of Placester IDX Website

Some agents enjoy spending long nights tweaking code trying to integrate a CRM with their WordPress theme. For the rest of us, going with a turnkey solution like Placester means more time to generate and nurture leads. After all, every minute you spend tinkering with your IDX website is a minute you’re ignoring your clients.

Don’t waste your money getting all of these elements from separate sources. Placester provides a sleek website solution with IDX integration, along with a built-in CRM and drip email campaigns. Plus, our Placester reviews page reveals that the app is easy to use and the websites are attractive and user-friendly. Don’t waste your money getting all of these elements from separate sources—get a free demo of Placester today.

11. AreaPulse (Market Data Real Estate Software)

Screenshot of AreaPulse Dashboard

AreaPulse automates the often laborious task of pulling together market data to send to leads or current clients. Not only that, the platform generates and sends highly detailed and professional-looking reports to clients. Instead of sending grainy screenshots from your dated Excel spreadsheet or MLS website, use AreaPulse to send visually appealing and informative market reports with minimal effort.

Pricing for the platform is based on the number of users and ranges from $49 per month for one user to $499 for 25 users. Visit the Fit Small Business AreaPulse reviews page for more information on what users think about the platform.

12. Everlance (Mileage Tracking Tools)

If you spend a lot of time touring listings with clients or exploring new markets, check out Everlance—mileage tracking software that helps you monitor your expenses, maximize your tax deductions, and keep your agents and brokerage IRS-compliant. The software also lets you classify trips as business or personal, export PDF or Excel reports, and track trips using GPS so you always know where your miles and expenses are going.

The basic version of Everlance is free, but a Premium version is available for $5 per month; custom options are also available for teams. According to our Everlance reviews page, users find that the platform is extremely easy to use and simplifies mileage reporting.

Kelli Howison - real estate software“I’m a Realtor in the Seattle area, and one of the most helpful pieces of software I use is Everlance for mileage tracking. There’s a free option as well as a paid premium option. With automatic trip detection, you never forget to track your business miles. The report is straightforward and easy to generate.”

– Kelli Howison, Realtor, Windermere Real Estate Yarrow Bay

13. KeyMe (Key Copying Real Estate Software)

KeyMe App

KeyMe elegantly solves one of the more frustrating logistical hurdles for listing agents and rental agents—getting copies of house keys. Instead of borrowing a homeowner’s keys while you rush off to Home Depot, KeyMe lets you snap a picture of the key and head to your local KeyMe kiosk to make a copy. The best part is that if you happen to lose a key, all you need to make a new copy is the photo you have saved in the app. No more lockouts. Ever.

If you’re not sure whether KeyMe is right for your business, check out our KeyMe reviews page.

14. Spacio (Open House Management Software)

Screenshot of Spacio Dashboard

Spacio can help take the “pen” out of your next open house with its feature-packed, paperless open house app. Agents can use the app for digital sign-in sheets that integrate with top real estate CRMs, including BoomTown, Top Producer, and more. These real estate tools can also be integrated with marketing software and listing platforms so you can easily send targeted, informative open house information to clients and leads.

In addition to eliminating the need for smudged sign-in sheets or tedious data entry, Spacio can help you make marketing and ad spend decisions based on real homebuyer data. The platform offers three packages for agents, teams, and brokerages, and ranges in cost from $25 to $125 per month. Click here to download Spacio from the Apple App Store or Google Play and try it for free for 30 days.

Brenda Di Bari - real estate software“Spacio feeds automatically into my CRM, and the potential buyer is automatically vetted (by verifying their email) and sent a follow-up asking for their feedback on the home they visited and whether or not they are already working with a buyer’s agent. It integrates with BombBomb and allows me to communicate with clients via email, including an inserted video resulting in higher engagement.”

– Brenda Di Bari, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker, Halstead Real Estate

15. BombBomb (Video Email Management)

Screenshot of BombBomb Dashboard

BombBomb helps agents easily create personalized videos, insert them directly into emails, and track who watches them. Including videos in your emails helps them stand out in a crowded inbox, and has resulted in over 80% more replies and responses for BombBomb’s clients. Plus, because it’s not an attachment, your video message actually gets delivered and seen.

BombBomb offers three service packages, which cost $468 per year for the Individual plan, $588 for Individual Plus, and $1,499 per year for the Prompt plan. The Individual Plan includes the ability to send unlimited video emails to up to 2,500 contacts, and Individual Plus users can have up to 3,500 contacts. Prompt includes up to 3,500 contacts plus advanced features like made and sent-for-you campaigns, custom-branded emails, and training videos. Click here for a free trial.

16. Smarter Agent Mobile (Customized Listings App)

Screenshot of Smarter Agent Mobile App

Smarter Agent Mobile offers rock-solid, predesigned real estate apps for brokerages customized with your branding, agents, and listings for a low monthly fee. Your clients and potential clients can download your app from the app store and search active and recently sold listings from the MLS. All of the leads that come through the IDX-enabled Smarter Agent App go straight to your agents.

The Agent App costs $49 per month plus a $50 setup fee. The Company App is built for teams and brokers and ranges in cost from $249 to $349 per month plus a $275 setup fee. To learn more about how the app can help your agents, check out our Smarter Agent Mobile reviews page.

17. VRX Staging (Virtual Staging Software)

Example of Hutch Virtual Staging

VRX Staging is virtual staging software that offers a comprehensive suite of services at an affordable price. Staging highlights include adding virtual twilight, blue sky, and green grass or removing furniture. VRX Staging charges a flat fee of $35 per image for many of their services, regardless of the extent of edits. The platform also offers a free consultation ahead of the staging to make sure that their services meet your exact specifications and listing needs.

18. RealtyMX (Rental Listings Management)

Screenshot of RealtyMX Dashboard

RealtyMX is an enterprise-class listings management system that offers brokerages a turnkey listing database solution. Designed for New York City-based brokerages, RealtyMX offers MANAR, RLS, IDX, and VOW support. The system also syndicates listings and has integrated CRM and document management systems. Best of all, this real estate agent software, which costs $99 per month, provides gorgeous custom websites for agents.

19. Revaluate (Move Predictor)

Revaluate Dashboard

Revaluate helps agents and brokers generate seller leads using predictive analytics based on artificial intelligence algorithms. While it sounds complicated, this intuitive software simply identifies homeowners who are likely to move within the next three to six months based on consumer, government, demographic, and social media data. Check out Revaluate if you want to buy fewer leads and save time and energy by increasing the success rate of cold calling potential sellers.

20. Grasshopper (Vanity Phone Numbers)

Screenshot of Grasshopper Dashboard

Having a vanity business number on your personal device helps increase visibility and makes it easy for clients to remember you—especially if you choose a phone number that is catchy or has a local area code. Grasshopper lets you choose a toll-free vanity number or a local number clients will recognize for between $26 and $80. For more information, check out our Grasshopper review page or click here to get started with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

CSS Promotion

Most buyers never realize the complicated dance that some agents have to do to schedule a day of showings. They call listing agents, listing agents call homeowners—rinse and repeat. CSS (Centralized Showing Service) takes all the stress and chaos out of scheduling appointments by letting you create appointments and manage listings and showings from your mobile device.

Buyer agents can call one phone number or use one app to schedule multiple showings with multiple listing agents. Homeowners can approve or decline each showing right from their phone. Not only does CSS simplify the open house process for homeowner clients, it will save you and your agents time and frustration while making an excellent impression on potential buyers.

22. Home Value Leads (Home Valuation Tool)

Screenshot of Home Value Leads IDX Website

Home Value Leads offers a turnkey seller lead generation system by offering agents a customizable home value estimator you can use on your IDX website or—even better—in your Facebook ads. The system also provides lead follow-up via built-in drip campaigns and instant lead notification, plus access to the Real Estate Masterminds Facebook group.

Agents interested in using the platform to build their business can try Home Value Leads free for two weeks. After the trial period, Home Value Leads costs $59.99 per month and there are no contracts. For more information on how agents use the software to grow their business, check out our Home Value Leads review page.

23. Prempoint (Lockbox Replacement)

Prempoint Lockbox Options

Prempoint is real estate software that eliminates the need for lockboxes and manual keys and gives agents a digital, all-in-one access management system. Users can download shared documents, leave feedback, and open a growing list of networked smart locks with Bluetooth-enabled smartphones. Pricing for Prempoint’s lock options varies, but software access starts at $15 per unit, per year.

24. Homesnap (Buyer-Agent Collaboration)

Homesnap App on Smartphone and Tablet

Homesnap is a free client collaboration app that lets agents and brokers give clients a user-friendly home search experience while obtaining valuable client information. Agents can claim their MLS listing and then communicate directly with clients about their favorite properties with in-app messaging. You can also use Homesnap Pro+ ($299 for the first year and $599 upon renewal) to claim your Google business profile and manage your reviews and online reputation.

25. Zurple (Lead Generation & Nurturing Software)

Screenshot of Zurple IDX Website

Zurple is a lead generation service that simplifies lead generation by providing built-for-you IDX websites to capture leads as users browse for properties. Zurple then monitors browsing activity and gets to know their user profiles. Specifically, Zurple can help answer questions like, “What’s their budget? What types of properties are they looking for? What amenities do they need?” and enter it in your CRM. Zurple then sends automated emails to leads based on their interests.

For example, if a visitor named Suzi comes to your website and spends some time looking at properties, the system may send her an email that reads, “Hi Suzi, I know you are looking for a home greater than 1,500 square feet and prefer 924 5th Street. Would you like to see it in person?” She may also receive updates of new listings that match her criteria or be asked to set up a meeting when her browsing activity spikes.

If you’re interested in trying this tool, check out our Zurple review page for more information about what users like and don’t like about the real estate software.

26. Qualia (Real Estate Tool for Settlements)

Screenshot of Qualia Closing Dashboard

Qualia is settlement software for real estate that coordinates closings among brokers, title agents, and clients. In addition to being integrated with underwriters like Fidelity National Financial and First American, Qualia allows agents and homebuyers to track investments and the status of a closing using web and mobile apps. Check out Qualia if you want to streamline the closing process for your team and make the process more accessible to your clients.

Qualia offers a variety of packages for brokerages with varying business volumes. The Value package includes 40 orders per month and costs $3,599 per year plus a $499 setup fee. The Professional and Premium packages include an additional 60 and 200 orders per month and cost $7,999 and $19,999 per year, respectively.

For more information about the software, visit our Qualia reviews page.

27. Rently (Self-showing Software & Hardware)

Screenshot of Rently Dashboard and App

Rently is real estate agent software that facilitates showings of rental properties without the involvement of agents. Agents and property managers can let potential renters tour houses and apartments on their own schedule—saving everyone time and frustration. Choose from a standard lockbox or Rently Blue (which uses Bluetooth technology) to put Rently’s self-showing software to work for your team.

Discover if the technology will work for your agents by reading our Rently user reviews.

28. HouseCanary (Real Estate Valuation Software)

Screenshot of HouseCanary Dashboard

HouseCanary is well-rounded real estate valuation software that provides agents value reports and forecasts, risk evaluations, and market insights. The platform lets agents analyze housing cycles, demographic patterns and changes, and target submarkets that can help grow their business. Try HouseCanary’s a la carte products and services for access to data for 381 metro areas, 18,000 ZIP codes, and four million blocks covering more than 90% of the U.S. market.

For more details on the real estate valuation software, check out our HouseCanary reviews page.

29. REIPro (Real Estate Investment Tools)

Screenshot of REIPro Dashboard

In contrast to other real estate agent software on our list, REIPro is specifically designed to assist real estate investors. Not only does the platform include CRM and lead generation tools to track interesting properties, it provides relevant comps and workflow management so you can track every moving part of every deal. The platform costs $109 per month for the Standard Plan and $149 for the Team Plan, but quarterly and yearly pricing is also available.

You can read more on our REIPro review page.

30. CityBlast (Social Media Lead Nurturing Tool)

Screenshot of CityBlast Dashboard

Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with clients and finding new prospects. Finding great content on a daily basis, such as changes in the local housing market, can be extremely time-consuming. CityBlast automatically finds and posts local, targeted real estate content to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts seven times per week using a schedule you set. The platform costs $99.99 per month for the monthly plan or $83.25 per month for the annual plan.

Check out our CityBlast reviews page for more information about the platform or click here for a free, 14-day trial.

31. Cloud MLX (MLS Customizer)

Screenshot of Cloud MLX User Dashboard

Cloud MLX simplifies the traditional multiple listing service by letting you save searches, create custom search areas, and save collections of listings. What’s more, Cloud MLX personalizes your MLS search experience based on your browsing history, saved searches, and the listings you’re sending to clients. The software also makes it easier to share listing data with clients and interact with members of your team using a built-in chat feature.

32. Brokermint (Back-office Real Estate Tools)

Screenshot of Brokermint User Dashboard

Brokermint is a web-based real estate brokerage management tool with transaction and team management, commission tracking, and MLS integration. The platform offers brokers three packages ranging from $79 to $179 per month. In addition to management features, the software integrates with QuickBooks. Plus, the Enterprise plan includes access to agent onboarding tools, a built-in CRM, and the ability to manage multiple office locations.

Find out what Brokermint users think about the platform by visiting our reviews page.

33. Brokerkit (Agent Recruiting & Retention)

Brokerkit User Interface

Brokerkit is an agent recruiting and retention platform that helps brokers organize agent referrals, track follow-ups, dial leads, and take call notes. The platform features a user-friendly interface that lets you view all of your upcoming recruiting appointments and referrals in one place. You can also use the software to integrate with G Suite and create automated email and text campaigns.

34. Dotloop (Electronic Signature & Transaction Management)

Screenshot of Dotloop User Dashboard

Dotloop is an online platform for real estate productivity and transaction optimization. It allows users to collaborate during the entire transaction using its form creation, e-signature, and storage capabilities. The platform also has a real-time transaction management system, which includes task templates, automated compliance workflows, and reporting tools.

Dotloop offers a free option that includes tracking for 10 transactions. The Premium version is available for $29 per month and includes unlimited transactions, task templates, and VIP phone and email support. If you’re interested in Dotloop’s real estate software, visit our reviews page for more information.

35. REDX Storm Dialer (Automatic Dialing Tool)

REDX Auto-dialing Performance

Like everything else in the real estate industry, following up on for sale by owner (FSBO) and expired listings is a numbers game. REDX Storm Dialer eliminates the need to squint at a list of names and numbers and then punch them into your phone, which slows you down and kills your momentum. To streamline the process, the REDX Storm Dialer integrates with your FSBO lists and dials numbers automatically while pulling up pertinent information on your screen.

The software can also leave a prerecorded voicemail when no one answers. REDX isn’t free, but the return on investment is immediate; if you spend a lot of time cold calling, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. Visit our REDX reviews page to find out how users are using the software or try a Storm Dialer demo.

36. Zapier (Workflow Automation)

Screenshot of Zapier Integrations

Zapier is workflow automation software that lets you integrate products that aren’t directly connected. The software isn’t real estate-specific, but it lets you create “Zaps” that link your CRM to social media software, lead generation forms, email marketing platform, and other apps to automate tasks and workflows. You can choose from Zapier’s free plan, which lets you create up to five Zaps at a time, or plans from $20 to $125 per month that facilitate even more integrations.

37. Waze (Crowdsourced Traffic App)

Screenshot of Waze App

Waze isn’t technically real estate agent software, but if you’re stuck in traffic, you’re not selling houses. Waze is a free app that lets you focus on your business by providing up-to-the-minute traffic condition reports from other Waze users. Plus, it’s a great tool if you’re giving clients a tour of your listings and want to hit as many properties as possible. It saves you time, frustration, and best of all, gas money. Waze is a must-have on any agent’s smartphone.

38. Videolicious (Video Editing Software)

Videolicious User

Videolicious makes professional video editing a snap. Agents can add watermarks, logos, and automatically splice smaller videos into one presentation. If you’ve ever tried to shoot an entire large home in one take, you know how useful this will be. Your clients will love the professional-looking video walk-throughs. Best of all, it’s easy. That’s why David Marine, Vice President of Brand Engagement at Coldwell Banker, calls it “the easiest video app out there.”

If you’re ready to add professionally edited video to your marketing strategy but aren’t sure Videolicious is right for you, check out our Videolicious reviews page.

39. Slack (Team Communication)

Screenshot of Slack User Dashboard

Whether you work at a large brokerage or manage a small team of agents, it’s important to stay in communication—even when you’re not in the office. Slack lets you have one-on-one conversations with agents, create channels for specific topics and team members, and easily share files. Plus, you can hold voice and video calls with colleagues from your phone or computer without leaving the app. Find out how Slack works for small businesses on our Slack reviews page.

40. Planoly (Instagram Management & Scheduling)

Screenshot of Planoly Hashtag Ideas

Planoly is an Instagram scheduling tool that helps you optimize your social media presence through visual planning and scheduling. The platform wasn’t designed specifically for agents, but it allows you to design and schedule photo-centric posts for listings, explore and analyze relevant hashtags, and manage user comments. Planoly also has a library of stock photos so you can engage with followers—even if you don’t have time to share listings or curate posts.

Find out why Planoly has a 3.8-star rating and how it can help up your social media game by visiting our Planoly reviews page.

Bottom Line: Best Real Estate Software 2019

Real estate software is a great way to streamline team processes like lead management, open houses, and more. To ensure you’re getting the most out of this software, it’s important to select the best tools in the industry and use them to optimize day-to-day operations. Start using these top 40 real estate tools in 2019 for your best sales year yet.

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