BLM Co-Founder Khan-Cullors Responds To Criticism About Multimillion Dollar Real Estate Purchases – Chicks On The Right

BLM Co-Founder Khan-Cullors Responds To Criticism About Multimillion Dollar Real Estate Purchases – Chicks On The Right

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

The other day I wrote a story about Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors spending $3.2 million on high-end homes across the country despite the fact that she is a trained and self-proclaimed Marxist who believes in and preaches socialist principles. Last year she even told students that capitalism is “more tragic” than Covid-19.

Of course, we know that despite all the carefully crafted rhetoric of those who espouse socialist and Marxist values, socialism in practice means devastating poverty for the masses. In real life, the exclusive elite amasses significant wealth and power while the masses live in abject poverty, working only to support the wealth of those few elite.

NY POST: Black Lives Manors pic.twitter.com/4cmKnp2luS

— Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) April 11, 2021

Interestingly, as the story and subsequent outrage picked up steam across social media, Big Tech decided to censor it.

Twitter decided that the public didn’t need to know this information and didn’t have the right to share the New York Post story on the subject. Facebook “fact-checkers” blocked the article, censoring discussion and posts on the subject.

If you post the NY Post story headlined “Inside BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors’ million-dollar real estate buying binge” on FB, this the response you get. You also cannot send the link in Messenger. You will get an “error” response. @realchrisrufo pic.twitter.com/0E0ZM6NERA

— Mary McDonald-Lewis (@mmcdonaldlewis) April 15, 2021

Why won’t Facebook & Instagram let users share this @nypost article about ‘BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors’ million-dollar real estate buying binge’? https://t.co/HsReMtCOF5 pic.twitter.com/f9hYujGd19

— Abigail Marone (@abigailmarone) April 15, 2021

It was bad optics for radical woke progressives and their supportive leftist politicians, so of course Big Tech decided it was their responsibility to run interference for those groups and dictate what the public was allowed to know. It’s what we’ve come to expect from Big Tech.

Black Lives Matter also tried to run interference for their co-founder, blaming the public outrage at Khan-Cullors’ hypocrisy on…

Wait for it…

White supremacy. Shocker.

Patrisse Cullors is the Executive Director of Black Lives Matter Global NetworkFoundation (BLMGNF). She serves in this role in a volunteer capacity and does not receive a salary or benefits. pic.twitter.com/w43HJOdg2f

— Black Lives Matter (@Blklivesmatter) April 13, 2021

They said the outrage was manufactured by the “right-wing offensive” which is intent on perpetuating “a tradition of terror by white supremacists.”

No mention of the very legitimate hypocrisy concerns. No mention of the fact that the outrage was in no way limited to “right-wing” or even white individuals. In fact, even fellow Black Lives Matter activists believed it was suspect for this woman to preach socialist and Marxist principles while fundraising tens of millions of dollars, and subsequently go on a massive property-buying spree while local chapters of the group and other affiliated organizations see very little of the donations. Hawk Newsom, leader of a New York Black Lives Matter group, said,

“If you go around calling yourself a socialist, you have to ask how much of her own personal money is going to charitable causes. It’s really sad because it makes people doubt the validity of the movement and overlook the fact that it’s the people that carry this movement.”

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And black sports journalist Jason Whitlock expressed disgust at the overt monetization of the Black Lives Matter movement by Khan-Cullors and other founders, who he said earn “millions of dollars off the backs of these dead black men who they wouldn’t spit on if they were on fire and alive.”

In fact, Khan-Cullors’ consulting firm took their site offline following all the outrage. It probably wasn’t prudent for her to be seen overtly benefiting from quintessentially capitalistic principles like selling consulting services when she’s being called out as a hypocrite for preaching socialism and Marxist revolutions against capitalism.

Ultimately, Khan-Cullors spoke out to defend herself. She did an interview with Black News Tonight in which she was asked about the discrepancy between her “expressed politics” and her “lived practice.”

She says that this critique of her not practicing what she preaches is “wanting,” and offered an explanation for her actions, stating:

“The way that I live my life is a direct support to black people including my black family members, first and foremost.”

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his … desire to accumulate wealth/private property to benefit his own family.”

-Karl Marx? pic.twitter.com/Six3o1u388

— Tyler Cardon (@TyCardon) April 16, 2021

She offers the opinion that when black individuals have money to invest, they often choose to invest in their family, which is what she says she has chosen. She states that she supports several family members including her daughter, brother, and mother.

“I see my money as not my own. I see it as my family’s money as well.”

She also described the outrage as “racist and sexist” attacks by the “right-wing media,” and tearfully explained that she had to hire extra security following the dissemination of the news about her exclusive properties. A curious response for the founder of an organization that overtly calls for the defunding and dismantling of police forces, don’t you think?

To me, this doesn’t actually address the underlying accusation of hypocrisy. You see, actions speak louder than words. If she truly believes that the system is designed to her family’s detriment, wouldn’t it be a better investment in their future to use those millions to create improved systems and pave the way to the same opportunity and success that she has achieved? Certainly that would be a better long-term investment than multiple extravagant properties around the country… if that was really her priority.

She says that capitalism is “tragic” and decries the entire system, then turns around and uses capitalism to become incredibly wealthy and purchase fancy homes while the folks she’s preaching to benefit very little. As an innovator and entrepreneur who amassed significant wealth as a direct result of capitalism, how can she advocate for its removal when that would also remove the opportunities for success that she pretends to want for black Americans?

She says that she’s supporting her family and that black Americans invest in their families. But you know what else the Black Lives Matter global organization preaches? That nuclear families are an archaic institution that perpetuate systemic racism and must be abolished. So her argument for why she isn’t a hypocrite is yet another example of her hypocrisy. Her actions speak louder than her words, and her actions entirely contradict the principles she so lucratively preaches.

In all honesty, she’s actually been fairly consistent on the Marxism and socialism thing because elitists accumulating wealth off the backs of the poverty-stricken masses and then preaching that it’s for their own benefit while exempting themselves of their own rules is what those radical political ideologies are all about.

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