Do’s and Don’ts for our Workaholics – FOR ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS

Do’s and Don’ts for our Workaholics – FOR ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDS

Do’s and Don’ts for our Workaholics

 We know a little too well how much work can take over your life, but it’s important to make time for yourself, as well. In honor of Workaholic Day on July 5th, we have all the right, and wrong, things to do to help balance your life! This one’s for the workaholics!  

Don’t: Never agree to a time without looking at your schedule! If you don’t look at your schedule to see your current appointments, you run the risk of double booking yourself. As much as we wish we could be two places at once, we can’t. Not showing up to a meeting can cost you more than just a client. Not everything will work itself out, especially not when it comes to time management. 

Do: Stay organized. Organization is the key to time management! Having a calendar on your phone or wall can help you visualize your schedule and availability. We’ve all overbooked ourselves, and frankly, it sucks. By planning it out on a calendar, you can quickly and easily schedule appointments, see your available free-time, and cancel events. A cute cat calendar from the dollar store can save you time AND money!


Don’t: Ignore texts or calls. If you can answer, do it! This should be a given, but according to NAR, the biggest issue clients have with their realtors is a lack of communication. Especially in this field, communication is key. 

Do: Set up an automatic response or a friendly “I’ll get back to you tonight!” Even if you can’t answer them right away, let them know you’re still there and thinking of them. An easy way to remember to call or text someone back is setting a reminder. A simple “Hey Siri, set a reminder” can save you a client!


Don’t:  Never hold your stress in. Ignoring stress and having no outlet can cause muscle soreness, headaches, lack of sleep, etc. We all get stressed, but there are healthy ways to cope with it!

Do: Find a healthy outlet for stress. Going to the gym, getting a massage, or drawing are just a few great ways to calm your nerves. Exercise is the biggest help for stress since you can get those endorphins flowing AND make a positive difference to your health!


Don’t: No budget or investing! Keeping your money in cash is a big mistake that we all can make, but we can change that. It’s always fun to shop, but you can spend your money on much better and bigger things.

Do: Invest your money! Having your money sit in a savings account and making 10 cents a year isn’t the best thing to do. Simply put your money into an ETF, mutual fund, or retirement plan to make money on your money. Apps like Robinhood and WeBull are super easy to open and lots of our agents are already involved in these. Make your money make you money… (try saying that three times fast). That’s what we call passive income, baby!

Balancing Time

Don’t: Never let work take over your life! Our agents know a little too well how fast your life can become your job, but there’s ways to prevent it.  Saying no to socializing in order to get paperwork done has its downsides, besides you know doing paperwork!

Do: Get a routine started! Every day, dedicate at least an hour to self care and free time. Whether you’re catching up on a show or doing facemasks, we NEED that relaxation in our lives. Make sure to also work hanging out with your friends or family into your busy schedule. Seeing friendly faces can make your day a lot better! Once you get into the rhythm of these self-care habits, it’ll be so much easier to work with something to look forward to at the end of the day.

After reading these Do’s and Don’ts, we hope your summer (and year) will be a lot easier to manage! Remember, this is your only body so you have to treat it right. Keep pushing yourself for greatness, but don’t push too hard. Take a deep breath and get to it!

  We would love for you to try Agresti for all your real estate needs! Whether you are buying, selling, or investing, our knowledgeable agents are here to help! Call us today at 814-459-9400 or visit us online at www.tryagresti.com!  

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