How a redneck used an arrow to reach a real estate mogul

How a redneck used an arrow to reach a real estate mogul

Trump Pence wives familiesA well-known TV personality who is vocal about his Christian faith is telling his story of witnessing to a well-known personality whose grasp of the Christian faith was being questioned.

Interviewed by the “Billy & Justin Show” podcast, “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson described his brief encounter with then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016, when the reality TV star found himself with just a few minutes to spend with the presidential nominee at the GOP convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

With only a few minutes to talk, what do you do when given that opportunity?

Robertson told the program he wanted to share the gospel with Trump during their encounter, and he did so with a quick sketch of arrows. Yes, arrows that represented Jesus Christ.

“I reached in my pocket and I drew out the gospel in hieroglyphic form,” Robertson recalled. “An arrow coming down out of heaven; God becoming flesh 2019 years ago; the cross where he died; the tomb and the arrow coming out of the tomb; and the final return: the arrow.”

Trump looked at the drawing and predictably asked for an explanation, which gave Robertson the opportunity to share the gospel with him, describing how Christ died on the crossed for “Donald Trump’s sins.”

“I said, Trump, you do have sins, don’t you?” Robertson recalled. “And he said, Oh, yeah. I said, Jesus took them all away, Trump.”

Trump Pence looking downThe straight-talking Robertson told the podcast he reminded the soon-to-be president that, whether he lost or won the upcoming election, one day he will stand before God after his “cold body” is placed into the ground.  

In later conversations, President Trump has told Robertson he still has the drawing.

But what about Trump’s spiritual life? A salvation experience?

Back in 2016, notable evangelicals such as Robertson were backing other GOP candidates over Trump, who was viewed as a woman-chasing billionaire playboy who admitted — to the shock of many evangelical voters — that he had never once asked God for forgiveness.

Trump prays with pastors after HarveyThree years later, Trump is surrounded by committed Christians such as Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and recognizable Christian leaders such as Robert Jeffress, Richard Land, Gary Bauer, and David Jeremiah.

“I am behind that man 100 percent,” Robertson said of Trump, “because I noticed that he had an honest heart when it came to his sins and his physical death problem.”

Robertson recalls that encounter in a new book, “The Theft of America’s Soul.”

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