How Real Estate Investors Will Lose In A Changing Market (Updated March 2020)

Most real estate investors:

Is there any wonder you can’t seem to get anything done right now?

In this day and age, with all the chaos from Coronavirus and the economic effects…

It seems like it’s harder than ever to stay focused.

And to adapt to these rapid market changes, FOCUS and clarity are your greatest asset.

That mindmap above represents the model that most investors follow. And what a lot of “guru’s” teach (unfortunately).

Their motto is for YOU to do everything.

Do more of it. And do it better then your competition.

If you outwork them, you’ll get more deals. Right?

**Sound the “wrooong” buzzer**

In reality, no matter how hard you work your ass off, there always seems to be areas of your business that struggle:

  • Inconsistent marketing
  • An assortment of wishy washy VAs
  • Software products you only partly understand
  • A leaky bucket of leads lacking followup
  • An income ceiling you can’t seem to break through

Listen, I get it…

I’ve been there for MOST of my journey to 7 figure real estate entrepreneurship.

In fact, when I first started wholesaling, I was touring in a band, playing drums around the country…Long story, but talk about lack of focus and brute forcing everything.

I remember meeting a potential private money lender to lend on a rehab, and when I told him I was on tour all the time he basically laughed me out of the meeting :/

But the disturbing part…is the investors that operate like that mindmap…guess what they spend an overwhelming amount of time on???

You guessed it…

Searching for MORE activities. MORE tactics, more STUFF to squeeze into that chart above…

Seems a little nutty, right? Why would you want to spend time looking for MORE things to do?

You see, there’s two types of real estate entrepreneurs:

We’ll call them:

Brute Force Bob vs. 80/20 Adam

Bob is a work horse. He’s still the central piece to the puzzle.

In fact, his hard work means that Bob has what it takes to become successful…

But the METHOD he’s choosing for success is simply misapplied.

Now 80/20 Adam gets the ACTUAL big “secret” of scaling businesses.

He applies all of his energy on decentralizing his operation, so he’s not the bottleneck and he can remove any cap he has on his current income productivity.

In order to scale a business model that runs whether you show up or not, “de-bottlenecking” is the only way to go.

This might seem obvious, but why…and how???

The Law of Constraints

Author Elihu Goldratt coined this term, meaning that in every business, there is a bottleneck or choke point that serves as a constraint on the process.

This constraint then sets the speed at which you achieve any particular goal. In other words:

The capacity of the business is equal to the capacity of its bottlenecks.

Or put into perspective of the mindmap from before,

The capacity of YOU is the fundamental limit to your entire business. 

How do you fix this to do more deals and thrive?

Gaining Leverage

We help our investor clients get here using The 80/20 Principle, which suggests that 20 percent of your activities will account for 80 percent of your results.

And then you can go further: how can you do that “20%” better?

If you keep zooming in, you’ll find that 4% of your efforts contribute 64% of results…and even further:

.8% of your focused attention will give you 52% of the results.

.8% is just ONE THING you do in your business.

Once you’ve figured this out, you start to run a business that looks like:

Doing $10,000+ per hour work

Doing work you’re great at and comes naturally

Can predictably spend money and know what you’ll make in return

Can attract top talent

Scalable without you slowing things down

You own an asset, not a job

I call this The 80/20 Magic Zone

Now, there’s a few key components to getting here.

And they really boil down to three key shifts you need to make in your real estate investing business.

Ready to dive in?

Ok, here we go…

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