Investing in Singapore Real Estate

Investing in Singapore Real Estate

Investing-in-Singapore-Real-EstateThe real estate property market in Singapore

During the last few years, Singapore has become one of the most renowned international business centers in the world. Among the most developed industries in Singapore is also the real estate sector which has thrived during the last years because of the successful cooperation between the Government and the land authorities. The Government is supporting real estate developers in Singapore by providing them several incentives. The Urban Redevelopment Authority and the Housing Development Board (HDB) have also collaborated on the launch of the Singapore Real Estate Exchange (SRX) where all real estate agencies in the city-state are registered.

The Singapore real estate market is currently registering higher prices in both the private residential and the commercial sectors because of the large number of demands. If you want to open a construction company in Singapore you can rely on our local agents.

The Singapore Real Estate Exchange presented by our Singapore company formation team

The SRX was launched in 2011 by the Urban Redevelopment Authority and the Singapore HDB in order to allow real estate agencies to sell or rent properties in good conditions, but also to provide buyers of residential or commercial real estate in Singapore a transparent, efficient and safe environment for the transactions. The Singapore SRX also allows real estate agencies and developers to list their shares under certain conditions.

Our experts inĀ company formation in Singapore can help you set up a real estate agency.

Investment incentives for real estate developers in Singapore

When considering to invest in real estate in Singapore, one should take into account the current incentives granted by the Government. One of these incentives is the Land Intensification Allowance under which Singapore companies investing in real estate by building or renovating qualifying structures can benefit from an initial tax deduction of 25% and an annual deduction of 5%. The Land Productivity Grant is another incentive granted to Singapore companies interested in optimizing land use.

If you need information about other available real estate development incentives and subsidies you can contact our Singapore company formation agents. They will also explain you what the qualifying criteria for these companies are and will further help you with the related paperwork.

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