Life As A Real Estate Agent, As Told By Tiger King

Life As A Real Estate Agent, As Told By Tiger King

Anyone who’s seen even a minute of the Netflix show “Tiger King” knows that Exotic Joe and his crew lead pretty crazy lives. So, who better to help put into words the day to day craziness we experience as real estate agents?!

Here are 19 ways the crazy crew of Tiger King nails what it’s like to be a real estate agent:

1. Giving your clients handshakes, hugs, and high fives at the closing table during the quarantine we’re currently under…

2. Does it feel good when a listing you lost to another agent expires?

3. When a buyer says they aren’t pre-approved, but “they know they can afford it”…

4. After hanging up on the Zillow rep trying to sell you leads for the hundredth time…

5. 3 months into paying a lead gen contract…

6. The attitude of the agent who’s been farming a neighborhood for ages.

7. When a seller asks you where you’re going to market their property…

8. “But Zillow says my house is worth…”

9. The hope of an agent who takes an overpriced listing…

10. The offer that sounded okay…until you opened it.

11. Guy with a lowball offer: “What’ll it take to put this deal together?”

12. What are the chances the guy with the lowball offer got his offer accepted?

13. The dad of a first time buyer coming to check out the house before they sign anything.

14. The dad giving his blessing…

15. When an agent pulls the “I’ve been in business this many years” card…

16. When a potential client tells you that their friend’s mother’s best friend’s hairdresser is also an agent…

17. How you feel when a relative works with another agent…

18. “Why do you go to the real estate convention?”

19. After a tough day…after working 27 days straight.

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