Lil Tay’s Momager Quit Real Estate Job For Enabling Kid’s Behavior

Lil Tay’s Momager Quit Real Estate Job For Enabling Kid’s Behavior

If you wander around on social media long enough, chances are you’ve seen one of Lil Tay’s videos. The 9-year-old who regularly brags about trap life is easing up on her flexing after her mother was caught using her boss’ car on Instagram.

On Thursday (May 10) multiple outlets reported Angela Tian was fired from Pacific Evergreen Realty for filming her daughter’s antics in empty mansions. But an interview with Global News, David Yang, the managing partner of Pacific Evergreen Realty, explained how Tian used his car without his permission. The video below, which has gone viral with over 2 million views, shows the presumed fourth grader jumping out of the parked car in all her flexing glory. “B**h, I just bought a Lamborghini! Y’all bi**hes can’t afford this sh*t, OK?” she says.

Yang says he wasn’t aware of Tian or her daughter’s antics and when he put it all together, Tian decided to resign before she got the pink slip. “Everybody got caught by surprise,” Yang said. He later added that he was “disappointed” and “mad” over the situation since he was only told Tian would only take photos of the car.


VICE uncovered earlier this week Tay’s IG persona. Her page is ran by Tian who has falsely tagged locations like Atlanta and Los Angeles on posts when they actually live in Canada. The empty or freshly furnished homes on Tay’s Instagram were also homes Tian had to show to clients. Most of the those videos have been deleted but live on fan IG accounts.

With so many things happening in the world, one might ask: Who cares? Well, the fandom of Instagram stars like Tay, Whoa Vicky and Bhad Bhabie highlights how easy it is today’s youth to mock rap’s stereotypes into dollars. Bhabie has music charting on the Billboard charts (and will also perform at the Hot 100 Festival this summer) and Tay has already aligned herself with rappers like Chief Keef and Lil Pump in an effort to make music. The flexing, as problematic and racist as it can be, has worked in their favor.

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