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Visiting Beverly Hills

If you’re planning on visiting any time soon, we have one piece of advice – and that’s to prepare yourself for a location unlike any other that you may have been to in the past. Beverly Hills is as beautiful as it is awe-inspiring and being just a comfortable drive away from West Hollywood, you’ll be able to sight-see to your heart’s content.

It’s worth considering that unlike other parts of the country, Beverly Hills boasts one of the most moderate climates; sharing many similarities with Mediterranean countries and islands throughout the year. The winter takes place between December and February, followed by spring between March and May, and then summer from June to August.

Even the winters are comfortable – with a pleasant breeze, a mild temperature, and a host of things to see and do during your visit. But what about those of you that are keen to stay in Beverly Hills in a more permanent capacity? Fortunately for you, the property market here is one of the most evenly balanced in California, allowing for plenty of Beverly Hills Luxury Real Estate opportunities.

There are a number of club types as well; from those that are ideal for families, right through to variations that are better suited to adults. The well-known Theatre 40 often releases new and exciting performances to be enjoyed, although it’s worth noting that you’ll want to book your ticket in advance as these events often sell out quickly.

Heritage Fine Wines is another notable spot worth mentioning, and as you might expect, it features some of the finest wines on the market and opens between 5 and 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays. The CUT Lounge is another place to spend a late evening with a tantalizing selection of appetizers, cocktails, and the odd celebrity or two frequenting the location.

Plenty of families are fortunate enough to call the city their home, and for those of you that are looking to move here permanently, you’ll likely be pleased to hear that there are a great selection of educational establishments. Schooling is a major priority for governing bodies in California, and Beverly Hill stands testament to this fact.

Special Events in and Around the Area

With so many hotels, bars, restaurants, and organizations creating events throughout the year, it can be all but impossible to keep on top of them. With that being said, there are certain annual events that occur at the same time each year, making it an enjoyable experience for those fortunate enough to be here when they are going on.

Some of these events include the South Bay Beer and Wine Festival 2020, with tickets starting at just $15 per person. There’s also the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Del Amo Fashion Center, with free admission. The 46th Annual Festival of The Kite is coming up in March with free entry, or for later on in the year the C.S.Q 2020 Belly Dance Festival occurs in June, as does ‘Whole, My Journey: Art Therapy Experience’.

As you might imagine, these are just a small selection of events that take place in Beverly Hills each year, and there are countless that occur throughout each season (many of which offering free entry, and those charging requiring a very small investment for the sheer enjoyment available). It’s always a good idea to book in advance to avoid disappointment however, especially when tickets are a necessity.

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