Meet the Real Estate Entrepreneur That’s Prioritizing Health and Wellness for His Company: M. Patrick Carroll

Meet the Real Estate Entrepreneur That’s Prioritizing Health and Wellness for His Company: M. Patrick Carroll

In a year of unforeseen challenges on both an economic and interpersonal level, Americans are realizing – now more than ever – the importance of maintaining
solid mental and physical health. With many companies taking a long, hard look at their internal practices, Patrick Carroll, at the helm of his namesake company CARROLL, seized that opportunity to examine how he and his teams optimize performance while maintaining Associates’ well-being. As a result, CARROLL has made significant investments in new health and wellness resources, rolling out in mid-October to all of its employees.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., CARROLL has more than 1,000 employees operating in seven states across the southern half of the United States. Since 2018, CARROLL has offered employees various programs, from smoking cessation to weight loss, all at no cost. While these programs had an impact, they were only available to employees enrolled in CARROLL’s health insurance program. In an effort to prioritize the health and well-being of its employees, CARROLL has invested in a new set of tools and resources to support physical and mental health, whether or not employees are part of CARROLL’s health insurance program.

“We wanted to offer something that could be available to all employees and their families, at any time, on their terms,” says Melanie Brasher, CARROLL’s Vice President – People.

“We have created a solution with a wellness gift box that includes an invitation to BurnAlong, a health and wellness platform that offers online classes for all levels in a number of categories: yoga, cardio, nutrition, stress management, and more. The platform will enable our employees and their friends to improve their physical and mental health from home, from work – from anywhere. In addition to the wide variety of classes, this platform also allows employees to participate in ‘challenges’ with each other.”

With today’s interactions existing online, the CARROLL wellness program will function as a database for employees and allow for on-demand access to classes and other health resources.

“You often hear that working out or meditating on a daily basis is what contributes to high-level success,” Patrick Carroll says. “But most people don’t have access to personal trainers or other tools for mental and physical health. Our program addresses the entire workforce, and makes these tools accessible to all of our employees.”

The new health and wellness program is intended to help offset stress, but it will also serve as a proactive support tool to help prevent potential problems related to stress, health, and wellness. Patrick Carroll expects corporate America to continue to embrace health and wellness programs in the workplace as companies realize the impact these resources can have on multiple levels, becoming a staple in company planning and employment insurance benefits.

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