MSNBC Host Demands Feds Censor Sean Hannity Real Estate Deals

MSNBC Host Demands Feds Censor Sean Hannity Real Estate Deals

In what I’m assuming was done for the sole purpose of trying to embarrass the man, Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel raided Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s office, and revealed that Sean Hannity is Cohen’s “mystery third client” days later.

Hannity said that he had only consulted with Cohen about real estate issues, and it turns out that alibi (which he doesn’t need because he didn’t do anything wrong) is 100% true. Records obtained by The Guardian found that Hannity owns a real estate empire, composing of at least 877 residential units worth $90 million. Given his annual $30 million salary at Fox, it’s not all that surprising that he’d park some of the cash in what’s historically been the most popular investment to preserve and build wealth.

In reaction to this non-controversy, MSNBC has decided that the government should get involved to censor Hannity for some reason.

According to NTK Network:

Host Stephanie Ruhle proposed that the government censor Fox News host Sean Hannity for his alleged conflicts of interest.

The host started with a dismissal of the First Amendment. “I know that it’s a slippery slope, and we always say ‘freedom of the press,’ and we sit here saying, ‘What’s Fox News going to do?’” Ruhle began. “When banks are up to no good or when bank employees have conflicts of interests, regulators get involved.”

What exactly is the conflict of interest we keep hearing about? Hannity and Trump share the same lawyer but how is that a problem? Was there some doubt out there that Hannity is personal friends with, and supports the President?

“Is the issue [with Hannity] that there’s no regulatory body to get involved?” she asked her guests, continuing her analogy with the banking industry. Her guests resisted the call for a regulatory agency to monitor media companies, but Ruhle was undeterred. “If there’s no punishment, we just do whatever we do!” she exclaimed.

“His viewers are going to say, ‘He’s my guy. I’m so proud he’s such a successful businessman,’” Ruhle said. “The question is does a regulatory body have to say [Hannity] can’t be a part of a news organization?”

How insane does one have to be to think that we need a regulatory agency to monitor the relationships of television hosts? MSNBC level insane, apparently.

Am I the only one baffled by this fake controversy? If you’ve got it figured out, be sure to let me know in the comments section below!

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