On the trust-worthiness of real estate agents | TheFinance.sg

On the trust-worthiness of real estate agents | TheFinance.sg

I don’t really enjoy throwing shade at the real estate agent profession because I have a number of friends who are real estate agents. Also, I think as a financial blog and trainer, I have my hands full with FAs and real estate seminar types who can provide endless entertainment for my readers.
The book Kiasunomics 2, does not paint real estate agents in great light, however, and talks about a con that could happen to the hapless real estate seller. 
Suppose you have bought a new unit and are facing some time pressure to sell your current home and have a selling price of $2,000,000. A real estate who already found a buyer for $2,000,000 may suddenly offer a price of $1,800,000. He can collude with a friend or relative to be a buyer if he knows that you are desperate for money and can

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