Overview on the world’s largest real estate markets [Research Data]

Overview on the world’s largest real estate markets [Research Data]

The Largest Market in Respect of Search Volume

The report sheds the light on the largest real estate markets around the world in different respects. This report helps property investors grasp an idea about the status of the international property market and find the most convenient location to start their new investment according to their needs and capabilities. The report is mainly data based, which makes all the displayed insights accurate. It addresses a number of topics which are the volume of monthly search on properties, markets proportions, competitiveness, entry, and general market data that includes average monthly investment value, PPC rate, and rental monthly searches.

USA is #1 with 12 million monthly searches

The 5 Largest Markets

The world’s top market in respect of search volume on properties is USA with 12 million searches. Here we list the other 4 countries in the top 5 list.

#2 Japan

Japan comes second in monthly search volume on the internet after USA. The Asian island signals around 5.5 million rental searches and 6.5 million searches on property investment. It’s worth mentioning that Japan marks one of Asia’s most highest property prices and price growth rate due to many factors including population density and scarcity of vacant lands especially in the large central cities like Tokyo and Osaka.

#3 Spain

Spain came third in our list of the world’s top 5 countries in respect of monthly search volume on properties. The ambitious European country lies in a strategic location overlooking many of the world’s busiest maritime lines and has magnificent nature and one of Europe’s highest population rate. Spain signals around 4 million rental searches and 4 million investment searches per month. This is largely attributed to its propitious property investment opportunities available around its major cities and to the growing demand on renting in the central areas where more job opportunities are available.

#4 Germany

Europe’s most solid economy that survived many regional and international financial turbulences. Germany signals around 3.5 million searches on rental properties and 4 million searches on investment properties every month. Property prices around German town and cities are stable due, the country shows imposing economic statistics like record low unemployment rate, high economic growth rate, low interest rate, and high demand on real estate investment. It’s worth mentioning that Germany showed a stable houses price growth rate since 2010 with an average 5.5%.

#5 UK

UK came fifth in our list with a 2.5 million searches on rental properties and 3 million searches on investment properties. UK is the home of the world’s most attractive property market which is London. It also has high demand on rental units especially in major cities. UK’s luxury properties draw the sights of many investors from Russia, GCC, Western Europe, USA, and many other areas around the world.

The Most Competitive Real Estate Markets

This section showcases a brief list of the countries featuring the highest Pay Per Click Campaign cost in the properties niche. United Arab Emirates tops the list with an average PPC of $1.70 followed by Australia with an average of $1.23. The United States of America comes in the third place with an average of $1.14 per one click. It’s notable that UAE is the highest by relatively big difference which gives an insight on the scale of projects, the amount of supply and demand on UAE properties, and real estate trade activity in the country.

The Easiest Markets To Enter

This section illustrates a small list of the easiest countries to start business. All shown data is attributed to the Ease of Doing Business Index issued by the World Bank Group. New Zealand tops our list of countries followed by Singapore and Denmark in the third place. When it comes to specifics used to create this list. New Zealand ranks first over the world for easiness of registering a property, while Singapore ranks 19 in the same regard and Denmark ranks in the 11th place. When it comes to dealing with construction permits, Denmark comes first, New Zealand is third, and Singapore in the 19th place.

Top 26 Countries in Monthly Searches with Data

The following schedule lists the world’s top 21 countries in a number of real estate market-related attributes which are: Investment Monthly Searches, Rentals Monthly Searches, PPC cost in USD, and the Ease of doing business. USA tops all other countries in respect of investment monthly searches and rentals monthly searches. USA features also the highest PPC cost with an average 1.14 USA. However, when it comes to the ease of doing business, it ranks eighth while the top country is New Zealand, followed by Singapore and Denmark.

# Country Investment Monthly Searches Rentals Monthly Searches PPC in USD Ease of doing business index
1 United States 12000000 11000000 1.14 8
2 Japan 6500000 5500000 0.91 34
3 Germany 4000000 3500000 0.42 17
4 Spain 4000000 4000000 0.21 32
5 United Kingdom 3000000 2500000 0.8 7
6 Canada 2500000 2500000 0.62 22
7 Russian Federation 2500000 2500000 0.23 40
8 India 2500000 2000000 0.14 130
9 Singapore 2000000 1500000 0.28 2
10 Australia 2000000 1500000 0.99 15
11 France 2000000 1000000 0.48 29
12 Mexico 2000000 2000000 0.18 47
13 Denmark 1500000 1500000 0.31 3
14 Sweden 1500000 1500000 0.5 9
15 Portugal 1500000 650000 0.16 25
16 Switzerland 1500000 1500000 0.23 31
17 Italy 1500000 1000000 0.23 50
18 Ukraine 1500000 1500000 0.12 80
19 Brazil 1500000 1000000 0.2 123
21 Kazakhstan 1000000 950000 0.08 35
20 Ireland 1000000 1000000 0.49 18
22 Israel 1000000 700000 0.28 52
23 Colombia 1000000 1000000 0.13 53
24 Argentina 1000000 1000000 0.15 116
25 Austria 950000 950000 0.45 19
26 Thailand 900000 850000 0.35 46

Report Conclusion

The report has stated all insights depending on data given by smart online tools and reports issued by specialized and world known entities. The mentioned information is aimed at giving insights about the status of international real estate market for sake of helping them find the best location to start an investment or even get to know more about the country they are moving to. The report is also beneficial for real estate companies studying the prospects of establishing a new project or commercialize a standing one.

The report is composed of three main components or section. The first section is about the world’s top 5 countries in respect of online monthly search volume on investment properties and rental properties. The second section is about the most competitive real estate markets featuring the highest PPC cost average, and the third section includes an extended scheduled of the top 26 countries in respect of average monthly searches on investment properties and rental properties. The list includes also data about each country’s rank in the Eas of Doing Business Index and average Pay Per Click Campaign cost. From the report investors would define the best country to place their next real estate investment in accordance to their priorities and capabilities.

Data Sources

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6. Transparency.org (2016),
7. CIA World Factbook (2015),
8. UN data (2015)

Reuse of the Report

You are free to download the report and reuse it on your social media account or blog. You are free also to reuse the displayed images and infographics but with citation to our page as the only source.

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