Real Estate App Development: 4 Features to Consider Before Creating Apps like Opendoor

Real Estate App Development: 4 Features to Consider Before Creating Apps like Opendoor

How Opendoor (San Francisco-based Real Estate Startup) has Secured $325M in Series E Funding with These 4 Foolproof Features

How Opendoor (San Francisco-based Real Estate Startup) has Secured $325M in Series E Funding with These 4 Foolproof Features

This post holds information for those real estate startups or entrepreneurs, who want to create one of successful real estate apps like Opendoor. Breaking down four foolproof features, which you can consider whilst developing real estate app.

In the recent times, technology has changed almost every industry. And, there is no exception that the real estate industry has become one of them. There is a game changer real estate startup company named Opendoor that has changed the way Americans buy and sell their homes.

According to the recent report from TechCrunch, “The San Francisco-based real estate startup company, Opendoor has raised $325M in Series E round of funding led by General Atlantic, Access Technology Ventures, and Lennar Corporation in order to make buying and selling homes instantly.” The company has raised fund in just three years, and achieved the label of “unicorn”.

Opendoor & Its Insights of Growth

Well, the reason behind the spontaneous success and growth of the popular real estate company is to eradicate the complex procedures and operations of buying or selling home and it has switched to something as simple as hailing a cab. So, it would be the worth-mentioning the following numbers of growth of Opendoor for Android.

4 Foolproof Features That Real Estate Startups Need to Include Whilst Developing Real Estate Apps like Opendoor

1. Allows to Explore Hundreds of Housing Listings for buying and Selling Purpose

To simplify home buying and selling, the very first handy feature is to allow users to explore hundreds of housing listings for both purposes. If you are planning to create real estate apps like Opendoor, then providing features that help users to find a right house property as per their requirement.

In addition, you can’t forget to provide results of queries that must be relevant and right for users as what they are searching for. Through the app, users must allow to sneak peek at those housing properties, which yet to hit the market. So, you need to constantly add the new listings as your users will not feel hassles while exploring their favorites.

2. Provides Flexible Search Options

Flexibility is always preferable and likable by users. And, when it comes to search options, you can provide users with filter by bath, bed, or price to see only those, which match your criteria. Users can easily explore Opendoor homes for sale with a map or list view.

Moreover, allow users to save a home to easily review it later. Opendoor app Android has sought to expand its efforts in order to make view those homes just as seamless. It is important to enable potential customers to check out a home by opening it. It is just a significant step for any homeowner, and it makes sense that planning and consideration would go into the process.

3. Allows to View Photos Gallery, Home Details and Instant Updates

The next feature is centralized towards to make the hectic process of buying and selling property streamlined. It is important to allow your user to check the images of property for buying purpose before visiting it.

Before developing real estate apps like Opendoor, make sure to add such feature that would make the whole process seamless for both buyers and sellers. In addition, users allow seeing high-resolution photos and at-a-glance property details of every home. Along with it, you should allow users to get instant updates. As it includes to get the new insight alert and cost change notifications in which users are more interested in.

4. Instantly Connect With Home Experts

No matter in which niche you are going to launch your app, but including essential features play important role. Therefore, developing real estate apps like Opendoor, you need to include the feature in which users can instantly connect with home experts for queries and confusion.

The Future of Real Estate is “On-Demand”

There is already a lot of tailwinds with people want to transact only with their mobile devices. The Goliaths are Uber, Lyft, and Amazon, who have already taken the term ‘on-demand’ to the next level. However, there is no room for doubt in that when the real estate will become an on-demand.

This statement seems to be true after a spontaneous growth and success of Opendoor in a short span of time. The Opendoor app has made the transactions in real time and instant. In a nutshell, we can say that the growth of Opendoor is the tailwinds for the real estate industry, and the future is on-demand now.

Therefore, being a real estate startup, if you have decided to build apps like Opendoor, then it is important to include aforementioned app features to make it successful. All you need to do is to save a little bit of time to decide the most prominent features for your future competition.

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