Real Estate Developers Are Covering Trees In Nets To Protect Them From Nesting Birds

Welcome to Guildford, where Sladen Estates has covered eleven trees to prevent birds from nesting in them, thus allowing them to be cut down. According to a council leader, the mover was ‘unacceptable,’ whereas the renowned author Philip Pullman termed the act as ‘ugly’ on Twitter.

Sladen Estates has plans of
building a total of 191 homes on the site. The developer has not released any
statement about why it has been done. However, it did claim that it has
followed sound advice when doing so. A statement by Sladen Estates states, ‘We
understand the strength of reaction to the netting of trees at Walnut Tree
Park, Guildford but want to reassure everyone that we have taken the correct

Simon Cowell, hailing from
Leatherhead-based Wildlife Aid, has said that the process is very risky and can
cause damage to animals. He said, ‘the process is incredibly dangerous, even on
the outside, with animals able to get their feet stuck. I presume it is so they
can build without disturbing nesting birds, which is illegal.’

According to a tweet by the
author Philip Pullman, the netting was ‘ugly and wicked and destructive.’ Paul
Spooner, the leader of the Guildford Borough Council, has stated that the site
did not have any active planning permission. He further said, ‘Netting those
trees to avoid any potential disruption to a developer I thought was
unacceptable. This was not a particularly clever move by the developer as it
has just highlighted to everyone involved in the decision-making process the
potential plight of those trees.’

Ugly and wicked and destructive.

— Philip Pullman (@PhilipPullman)

According to a spokesman from
RSPB, ‘We would ask that developers do this tree and hedge removal work outside
the breeding season so that netting is never needed. However it is legal, so if
absolutely necessary, it’s crucial that it be done properly to minimize the
risks to wildlife.’ What do you think about this? Did Sladen Estates make the
right move?

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