Real Estate Expert Tom John Light on the future of Branded Real Estate

Real Estate Expert Tom John Light on the future of Branded Real Estate

Real Estate: these two words together don’t often conjure up anything particularly exciting. Well, forget all of those preconceived notions. Real estate is changing, and attitudes with it.

Tom John Light, an Israel-born multi-millionaire is turning dull, outdated notions of real estate on their head with his Branded Real Estate company: LightArt Group.

The entrepreneur is known for his leadership and boundless creativity. Having gotten his start as VP for FashionTV, Light pioneered the company’s branded programs, achieving widespread, global, success. It inspired Light to pursue embarking on his own entrepreneurial branded real estate journey. He hasn’t looked back once.

Light’s branded real estate company LightArt Group defies traditional real estate expectations with its bold combination of art, design, and technology. Employing world-class artists and emphasizing community and environmental sustainability LightArt Group pulls no punches when it comes to stylish and accessible branded real estate. And Light knows that his company’s great acclaim isn’t a fluke thing. Much to the pleasure of aspiring branded real estate entrepreneurs, Light asserts that branded real estate has a bright future.

“Branded real estate is recognized and in demand in all countries around the world. People identify themselves in brands and want to be part of it and its activities.”

Light envisions branded real estate as not just a profit-based industry but as a revolution for design and a door to opening access to more cutting-edge technology in homes. The marriage between art and functional home design can take buyers on what Light says is “an emotional journey” in which a standard project, in this case, the redesign of a home, can be transformed in an entirely new way of life.

Light projects that branded real estate will continue taking the world by storm. And, that it’s more than just another fad.

“With the branding and its design, you get massive value for your apartment,” says Light. The power of the rising trend in branded real estate also comes from home-buyers’ feelings.

“In the past, you would make your decision on technical statistics,” but now Light says that the branded real estate market has made that “an emotional decision. A decision based on [asking the question], ‘What experience am I getting with my purchase?'”

And that is something we can all buy into.

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