Real Estate Firm Gets Fuckloads Of Business After Plastering Town With Photos Of Their Heads — The Betoota Advocate

Real Estate Firm Gets Fuckloads Of Business After Plastering Town With Photos Of Their Heads — The Betoota Advocate


One of Betoota’s premier Real Estate agencies has taken things up a notch in 2020, after a clever new promotional strategy saw them fly past their competitors as the most recognisable sales team in the property flipping game.

Known around town as simply ‘BDO’ – the Betoota Door Openers are now the #1 in real estate firm in the greater Diamantina Shire, after creeping past Ray White French Quarter for sales last month.

Their secret? It’s not what you’d expect.

“One day I just thought, why not blast this town with photos of our own heads” said founder, Craig Corones (52).

“It just came to me one night when I was looking at myself in the bathroom mirror after a big line of a coke at Bar Napoli in the Old City District”

“I looked at my face, with the suit and tie, and thought ‘fuck that’s what I need to get out there’ – and the next day I had my head shot taken”

As Craig says, within a week the phone started to ring.

“After that, I made the whole office get head shots too” he says.

“It makes sense really, if you wanna sell a property, you don’t go looking for testimonials or auction results”

“You go looking for giant billboards covered with the most uninspiring people you went to high school with”

“The ones that either thought they didn’t need to study because they were gonna play sport professionally, or marry someone who did”

“And then didn’t”

A new report by the local chamber of commerce shows that The Betoota Door Openers have reportedly sold over 63% of all properties that went to market in town this year.

And it shows.

Just this week, Craig and his wife new wife Kelly upgraded the Hyundia Santa Fe to the 5.0 litre V8 Range Rover Sport.

“What housing bubble?” laughs Craig.

“This shit is going to last forever. In my 30 year career, I have never once faced any hurdles when it comes to the market.”

“Even during the GFC the prices went up”

“And now with our faces everywhere, everyone knows we are the warm handshake you need to sell a property to buyers who have already made the decision to buy it”


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