Should you Invest in Stocks or Real estate? | TheFinance.sg

Should you Invest in Stocks or Real estate? | TheFinance.sg

Real Estate or Real Investments? Needless to say that stocks and property are two main instruments used by investors to generate regular returns overtime. However, we also understand that both instruments come in very different forms. As an investor of stocks and equity, you generally do no gain any tangible proof that you own a “small part of the company” whereas property investors have a physical space that belongs to its owner. Based on this difference, we will compare three main factors to weigh the pros and cons of investing in either instrument so that readers can make an informed choice. Cost and commission – Additional Charges This comes with no surprise as there will always be service charges when it comes to purchasing and selling assets. However, the cost and commissions paid to transact stocks and real estate differ a great deal. For example for a

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