The Ultimate Balancing Act For Real Estate Moms

The Ultimate Balancing Act For Real Estate Moms

Ask any real estate moms which is the most important skill needed for our survival. One of the top answer will always be: Multitasking!

We learn how to prepare dinner while feeding the baby. We fit in a quick shower while keeping the toddler entertained. We supervise the kids in their studies and reply emails and whatsapp messages at the same time. We squeeze a couple of viewing appointments in between chauffeuring our kids to tuition and enrichment lessons.

It is no wonder real estate moms are always on a 24/7 balancing act!

Through my years of being a real estate mom, I developed some habits which help me become more efficient.

1) End the day with a To-Do List for the next day

There are always 101 things to do every day. It is important for me to have a To-Do List for the next day. This sets the tone of work for the next day and allows me to see what are the important or urgent tasks I have.

With the To-Do List, I will group all similar and related tasks together. To master the art of multitasking, it is vital that the tasks we are doing concurrently has something in common. This makes it easier to for us to complete it effectively and efficiently.

A good example is the task of putting up advertisements on property portals, which can be time consuming. I will craft the advertisement and upload the photos across different portals together rather than doing it at separate time. This reduces duplicate work and allows me to be more efficient.

It is important that we have an idea how we are going to work on each task. Nothing is worst than doing it half way and realize we have done it wrongly and have to do it all over again.

Also, with the To-Do List, it keeps me on track of what I am supposed to do. It is better to be busy with things we planned to do, than to be spending the bulk of our time reacting to situations and be blinded by spontaneous requests.

2) Avoid Distractions

Real estate agents attend to many phone calls and messages. People contact us to enquire about the properties we are marketing. As a matter of fact, the more enquiries we have, the more chances we have to close a deal!

In order to minimise distraction, I put my phone on silent mode when I need to focus on a task. However, this can only be done when I know I am not needed for any urgent matters. Also, I will set my phone on silent mode for a maximum of one hour. When the hour is up, I will check my phone and reply any messages that require my attention.

Tasks that require my full attention will be done in the mornings when the boys are in school, or late at night when they are asleep. A good example will be the writing of articles in my blog. This requires my full attention and It is hard to put together my thoughts when the boys are around.

3) Use A Physical Notebook

Call me a dinosaur but physical notebook is really handy for me.

As a mother of 2, I am constantly bombarded with requests from the boys.

“Mom, I am hungry!”,

“Mom, where is my T-shirt?”

“Mom, I don’t know how to do this question!”

I always have a notebook around. When I am distracted by the boys, I write down what I was planning to do so it is easier for me to continue when I am done with their requests.

Also, notebook comes in handy when an idea popped up or when I remembered something needs to be done. To prevent myself being distracted from the task on hand (and also forgetting what those ideas are the next minute), I write them down to work on later.

4) Use Technology

Ok I might be a dinosaur at times but I embrace technology. It really improves our efficiency and make life so convenient.

Google drive, Google calendar, Google contacts, Camscannar, Adobe Fill & Sign. These are my lifesaver in work. Anytime when my clients require details like when they purchase their property, or when the tenancy is ending, I can give them in an instant.

5) Delegation and Partnership

It is only wise that we accept the fact that we can’t do everything on our own. In this case, delegation and partnership becomes important.

When my boys were younger, we chose to ferry them to and from school. We were able to do that as my working hours is flexible. However on days when I have appointments which clashed, this job is delegated to my parents.

Partnership plays a very important part in our work, especially for real estate moms.

I always remember July 2007, the month when I was due to give birth to my elder son. Real estate market was booming. Enbloc fever were at a high. People were buying properties without viewing. Speculations were rift. Options were flipped soon after it was issued.

I conducted viewings right to the day before I gave birth. On the afternoon after I gave birth in Thomson Medical, the first person to visit me was my work partner. He came to pass me the Option To Purchase to sign!

It was also in that month when I broke my own sales record!

I hope what I have shared is helpful to you. If you find it useful, please feel free to share my article with your friends.

As real estate moms, it is especially important to be in a team with like-minded individuals. Being in a team encourage learning and improvement, it also provides support and camaraderie.\

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