Top 50 Maine Real Estate Agents On Social Media – PropertySpark

Top 50 Maine Real Estate Agents On Social Media – PropertySpark

Official Rank of Maine’s Top Agents on Social Media

PropertySpark does not accept payments or incentives for being on our top lists

Our researchers go through thousands of agents by searching hashtags, review sites, social media profiles and real estate portals. Then we rank agents based on our proprietary algorithm that takes into consideration multiple variables as seen below:

Instagram Followers

Facebook Average Likes Per Post

Quality Of Posts

and Other Social Channels

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With that said, we present to you the Top 50 Maine Real Estate Agents On Social Media!

#50: Sam Harmon

Maine Realty LLC

He is one of the top agents on social media in Portland for a reason! Don’t miss out on his amazing Instagram account!  

66 Average Likes Per Post

#49: Alyssa Bouthot, Broker at Portside Real Estate Group

Portside Real Estate

Alyssa will go beyond your expectations to deliver exactly what you’re looking for in the Kennebunk real estate market. Ready to become part of Alyssa’s Facebook and Instagram fan base? Follow her now!  

#48: Renée Bacon

#47: Mandy Wheeler

Urban and Rural Real Estate

When you hire someone to do something for you, you want the best of the best which is why you want Mandy from Portland. She is doing an amazing job showcasing real estate in [City] on Instagram!  

159 Average Likes Per Post

#46: Jacqueline Nedwell

Portside Real Estate

Within no time, Jacqueline will be handing you the keys to your new home. Check out her social media pages to stay updated with the Portland real estate market!  

Keller Williams Realty

Nothing will make Lindsay happier than seeing you step into your dream home. You can tell by her presence on social media that she is a pro! Keep it up Lindsay!   

21 Average Likes Per Post

#44: Megan Diffley

Signature Homes Real Estate Group

She is known in Scarborough for her dedication to her clients and her presence online. Learn more about the Scarborough real estate market by following Megan right now!  

20 Average Likes Per Post

#43: Tyne Kenny

A hard working attitude makes Tyne stand apart from the rest! Follow Tyne on social media for more Hampden real estate!   

Keller Williams Realty

There is always more that can be accomplished when working in real estate and she has left no stone unturned! Follow her on Instagram & Facebook for the latest and greatest in real estate.  

#41: Pam Natole

Coldwell Banker Plourde Real Estate

Finally thinking about making the move? Find that special place in Waterville with Pam. Follow the impressive story of Pam on social media!  

Keller Williams Realty

From family to starter homes, let Dambrie show you all the possibilities. From start to finish, he will guide you every step of the way. Get all of your real estate questions answered in a snap – connect with Dambrie on social media right now!  

Green Tree Realty

It’s time to find your dream home and live the life of your dreams with the help of Veronica! Take a look at her awesome Facebook Page and Instagram account!  

#38: Elizabeth Baxter

Keller Williams Realty

Every agent needs persistence and passion – she has that in abundance! Make sure to follow her on her stunning Instagram and Facebook!  

36 Average Likes Per Post

#37: Jessie L’Heureux Herod

Keller Williams

For Jessie L’Heureux, every deal is a big deal! Follow her on Instagram and Facebook and never miss a beat when it comes to Portland real estate.  

27 Average Likes Per Post

#36: Nathan McCabe

Pack Maynard and Associates

Ensuring that the real estate experience is a positive one is at the top of the priority list for Nathan. Stop missing out on all the great content! Follow Nathan today!  

36 Average Likes Per Post

#35: Merline Douglas

Merline’s attitude made her one of the hottest agents in Belgrade. Keep the amazing social media content flowing Merline!  

20 Average Likes Per Post

#34: Lynn M. Libby

Keller Williams Realty

Selling or buying a home is more than just a transaction – it is an investment of a lifetime. Contact Lynn M. when you’re ready to make the move! Become part of her fan base on Facebook and Instagram and see Lynn M. in action!   

Keller Williams Realty

Your success in the Portland real estate market is Stacy’s mission. Follow her on social media and become part of Stacy’s real estate network.  

45 Average Likes Per Post

#32: Chelsea Freeman

Chelsea’s attention to detail is unmatched. Building a brand on one social media channel isn’t easy, but she has done it on Facebook and Instagram.  

42 Average Likes Per Post

#31: Amelia Crannell

Investor, homeowner or first-time homebuyer, let Amelia guide you from start to finish in your real estate journey. Amelia’s Facebook and Instagram accounts are very well managed with awesome content!  

20 Average Likes Per Post

#30: Steve Scott

Portside Real Estate Group

Agents looking to differentiate themselves can’t only be good salespeople he has to be great on social media too. He is both! Drive your real estate dreams forward by simply following Steve on Facebook and Instagram.  

51 Average Likes Per Post

#29: Tony Duong

Looking for results in the Windham real estate market? Look no further! You have found Tony at the perfect time. You can tell by looking at Tony’s social media posts that he has a passion for real estate and Windham!  

3,555 Friends
32 Average Likes Per Post

#28: Alexandra O’Brien

Keller Williams Realty

Helping the people of Kennebunk find her dream home is Alexandra’s purpose. Just follow her social accounts and it’ll be easy to see why clients love Alexandra!  

Portside Real Estate Group

Get that perfect Falmouth home with Mary. Look out for Mary’s posts on social media for the latest in Falmouth real estate!  

30 Average Likes Per Post

#26: Jasmin Moulton

Sotheby’s International Realty

When you’re working with Jasmin, you can expect service that renders incredible results! For Jasmin it’s not just about building an audience, it’s about building a community – become part of it today!  

EXIT Oceanside Realty

There’s nothing better than finding your dream property. Erin will do just that! For more about the Wells real estate market, follow Erin on Instagram and Facebook!  

53 Average Likes Per Post

#24: Tiffany Masse

Summit Real Estate

Guiding clients to a dream home and crushing social media is not easy, but with Tiffany it’s a sure thing every day. Catch her constant updates on Facebook & Instagram.  

26 Average Likes Per Post

#23: Maria Rich

Landing Real Estate

She will always make sure that her clients’ interests is always on the forefront. Apart from helping people with all things real estate she has also maintained an amazing presence on Facebook and Instagram!  

#22: Krissy Couch – Real Estate Services

Aland Realty Group

Want to love where you live in Kittery? Don’t miss a beat! Reach out to Krissy. Check out her Instagram – it’s awesome!  

87 Average Likes Per Post

#21: Ashley Laplante

Keller Williams Realty

Stressed or overwhelmed? Don’t worry – Ashley will have your best interest at heart as you find that house to call home. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram to watch, view and follow everything Ashley will do on social media – you won’t regret it!  

45 Average Likes Per Post

#20: Tyler Hall

Keller Williams Realty

Looking for the investment of a lifetime? Tyler will make the search a lot easier. If you want to know more about real estate in Westbrook, check out Tyler’s social media pages.  

64 Average Likes Per Post

4,954 Friends
20 Average Likes Per Post

#19: Crystal Hincks

William Raveis Real Estate.

In the market for a new home in Bath ? Look no further. Crystal will show you the way. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook!  

#18: Kayla Sterling

Coldwell Banker Team Real Estate

Dedication and boundless enthusiasm are just some of the qualities that make Kayla great on social media! The bigger, the better! Join Kayla’s community on social media and become part of the growth!  

40 Average Likes Per Post

#17: The David Banks Team


Entering the real estate market can be difficult but if you’re in Portland just connect with David and it’ll be a breeze! His content on Facebook and Instagram is always engaging and impressive!  

24 Average Likes Per Post

#16: Heather Shields

Sotheby’s International Realty

When you hire an agent, you expect the best service, Heather will go above and beyond that expectation every time! Heather can help you find what you’re looking for – all you have to do is follow!  

71 Average Likes Per Post

#15: Arden McSwain

Keller Williams Realty

Once you start working with Arden you’ll never have to worry about real estate again. Take a look at all the amazing content on Arden’s social media accounts!  

51 Average Likes Per Post

#14: Taylor McFarlane – Portside Real Estate, McFarlane Field

Portside Real Estate

Looking to make the most important purchase of your life? Get in touch with Taylor. She has an impressive presence on Facebook & Instagram!  

75 Average Likes Per Post

#13: Liza Nelson

Portside Real Estate Group

When it comes to finding real estate in Portland, it doesn’t get much better than Liza. Whatever you’re looking for in real estate, you’ll find it by following Liza!  

721 Friends
23 Average Likes Per Post

#12: Rachel Davey

Vitalius Real Estate Grou

The only thing you need to do to find the right property in Portland is call Rachel! Check out her Facebook and Instagram for updates you won’t want to miss!  

61 Average Likes Per Post

#11: Julie Barros

Coldwell Banker Realty

Posting and sharing great real estate content is a guarantee when you’re talking about Julie. Don’t miss out on anymore real estate content, follow Julie today!  

20 Average Likes Per Post

#10: Kimberly Cochran

Regency Realty Group

First home, second or maybe an investment property – call Kimberly of Portland ! Get into all her awesome content on Facebook and Instagram!  

#9: Linda MacDonald

Sotheby’s International Realty

Let Linda guide you to the keys of your next home in Portland. She is always posting on Facebook & Instagram, make sure to follow them.  

64 Average Likes Per Post

#8: Dan Buckley

Keller Williams Realty

Daniel will translate his success on social media into your success in real estate! Level up your knowledge about the Portland real estate market by following Daniel on Instagram and on Facebook.  

95 Average Likes Per Post

Portside Real Estate

Find your way home with Monica! You deserve the best and Monica’s Facebook and Instagram have been designed to deliver that to you!  

47 Average Likes Per Post

#6: Crystal Tropeano

Crystal will help you take on the Portland real estate market. Her content on social media is amazing, check it out!  

76 Average Likes Per Post

#5: Sarah Delisle

Portside Real Estate Group

You deserve the absolute best and Sarah will deliver that every step of the way. Sarah’s content on Facebook and Instagram won’t let you down!  

135 Average Likes Per Post

Have you been going to open houses? Love listings? If you answered yes to any of those questions, get in touch with April today! April’s social media will make you want to live the Portland life!  

73 Average Likes Per Post

#3: Cady Toussaint

Mainstream Real Estate

With her knowledge and expertise she will continue to dominate the Saco real estate market on social media for years to come. She is literally taking over the social media scene in real estate one awesome post at a time.  

94 Average Likes Per Post

Making your real estate dreams a reality is just a click away with Bailey of Portland. Bailey’s posts will make you want to live the good life, Portland style!  

217 Average Likes Per Post

Moving or relocating to Portland? Get Chelsea to be your guide to the real estate in the area. All of her daily interactions with her content on Facebook and Instagram caught our attention, it’ll surely catch yours too!  

1,263 Average Likes Per Post

We hope you enjoyed our list of the Top 50 Maine Real Estate Agents On Social Media!

PropertySpark has been ranking top agents on social media across North America since 2016. Congrats again to all the winners! We do not accept payment or incentives for our Top List features. Our process is completely based on our expert research and opinion.

To learn more about how you can improve your social media and become a Top Agent click here.

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